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  • Product Engineering + Design
    We are actively conducting R&D activities in relation to engineering of digital & ioT electronic products on the basis of technology accumulated through the research and development of digital and analog oscilloscopes which are universal precision instruments.
  • Electronic Manufacturing Service
    Manufacturing technology and quality competitiveness accumulated through win-win cooperation with global electronics manufacturing companies enable us to respond best to the needs of various customers and markets.
  • Digital Appliances
    We are manufacturing the main control module of home and commercial air conditioners, inverters, refrigerator electronic units, TV Function Board, standing air conditioner MCU Touch Board, washing machine control module, cleaner RF Function Module, etc.
    System that drives EHP through ESS at PEAK load time by charging battery using midnight power.
  • Novas EZ has been a pioneer in the domestic and overseas industrial electronic module and inspection equipment solution market. It has specialized in designing and manufacturing Digital Appliance PCB Assembly and Visual Display Function Assembly for global electronics companies.
    Based on the trust and technology accumulated over many decades, we are striving to become a world-class enterprise leading the digital and information industry in the 21st century with the aim of becoming a company of human respect and happy management.